Minutes 9 March 2019

Minutes of the Meeting of Visit New Mills

1 Present:
Barry Bate, Sean Whewell, Zena Aris-Sutton, Jan Smith, Beth Atkins

2 Apologies:
Northe Slack

3 Minutes of 02/02/2019:
The Minutes of the meeting of 02/02/2019 were accepted as a true and correct record.

4 Matters Arising (not already on the Agenda)
The P.A. system (which can be used for a variety of events) has now been ordered.
A Quizit has been held to raise money for the ‘Bike Bags’ – a scheme to provide practical help to cyclists which will be available in Cafes. Several cafes have been approached and are keen to join the scheme.
Beth will contact Isobel concerning the proposed bike racks. After discussion about their placement it was decided to recommend to Isobel that a) a number at the ‘steps’ end of the Prom, b) outside Ryans and c) near to the /Sett Valley café would be appropriate. Sean will talk to Shelly (Pride of the Peaks) about possible locations near to the pub.
It is understood that “work is now completed” on the Millennium Walkway and that it has been re-opened.

5 Correspondence:
Notification that the Millennium Walkway is now open has been received from Network Rail.
VNM has received correspondence from the NHS about the proposed “Dementia Friendly New Mills” project. A Quizit will be organised to raise funds

6 Finance Update:

The current bank balance is £1741.58 in credit. This includes some Carnival bookings.

The most recent Quizits have been: £135 – Community Cinema, £183 – Tiny Tickers, £132 – New Mills Litter-pickers, £143 – Dove Cat Sanctuary, £125 – Beardwood, £143 – Event Insurance, £107 – Fosbrooks, £191 – Bike Bags.

Major outgoings have been £262 to Lithaprint for a variety of advertising. £1050 has been received from Cllr Atkins Leadership Fund.

7 Web Site Update:
Sean reported that the Facebook page currently had 59,159 users and had had 159,337 web page views. The Facebook membership was 7,976, Twitter membership 1,844 and Instagram 1,141.

8 Any Other Business:
a) It was agreed that progress needed to be made on raising funds for the new flags.
b) It was reported that planning was underway for the Carnival and the Youth Festival. An application has been made for £2,500 for the Youth Festival.
c) A request has been received from New Mills Litter-pickers to work with VNM on an ‘Action Grant’ from DCC.
d) It was agreed that all VNM members will study the information recently circulated about ‘CIC’s” as this will be an item on the agenda at the next meeting.
e) Barry outlined the background to the current proposal for a “Three Towns Project”.
f) Following original communication (and subsequent reply) from a local shop-keeper about the day on which future ‘Lights Switch On’s’ might take place it was agreed to await a reply from him. Beth reminded everybody that it was very important for towns like New Mills to have a viable high street.

9 Date, time and place of next meeting:
10.00 on Saturday 13th April at Zena’s

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