Minutes – 3 December 2016

Minutes of the meeting of Visit New Mills held on 3rd December 2016


1) Present:

Barry Bate, Northe Slack, Beth Atkins, Sean Whewell, Jan Smith


2) Apologies:

Mike Daniels


3) Minutes of the meeting of 01/10/2016:

– were accepted as a true and correct record.


4) Matters Arising:

From 4)4)8) – New Mills Juniors. Beth is still awaiting a reply concerning the Rec and New Mills Juniors. Sean reported that he had heard from Gyles (concerning the Xmas Trees) and has asked about the New Mills Carnival grant.

From 4)9)e) – Youth Centre. Beth reported that she had contacted DCC Children’s Services and they have said that there are no plans to change the situation with the Youth Centre.

Form 4)9)f) – Community Assets. There had been no progress so far with New Mills Town Council. The issue will come up again at their next meeting on 12th December. VNM felt that there should not be a cost to voluntary organisations that want to run free events in New Mills.

From 9)a) – Boaters. Mike was not present so it was felt that the item could not be discussed.

From 9) – Xmas Lights Switch On. It was reported that £603.07 had been raised and an additional 100m of festoon lighting purchased. The Programme had raised £349.50 and just less than 5000 people had attended.

From 9) – Torr Vale Mill Music Event. This event had been sold out – Torrside Brewery reported heavy sales – and a great deal was learned about staging events at this venue. More events are likely.

From 9) – White Van Man Event. This event is tonight at the Art Theatre and is sold out.

From 9) – Remembrance Service and Poppy Appeal. Maureen and David Spiers are now major organisers for the Poppy Appeal which this year raised £8244.99 in total. VNM were happy to donate £150 from a recent Quizit event.

From 9) – Hayfield Countryside Office. There was no further information on this issue.


5) Correspondence

Sean reported on ‘Thank yous’ from New Mills Band and Sender Pictures.

Northe reported that VNM is now electronically co-hosting events with St Georges Church, the Volunteers Centre (who have some new volunteers) and the Adult Education Centre. She reported that this new way of working had speeded things up and more events are added more quickly.

Jan reported that there had been many ‘Thank Yous’ from the Lights Switch On.


6) Finance Update

Sean reported that there was £1127.00 in the current account. Recent quizzes recipients had been: Sender Pictures – £143, Xmas Lights Switch On – £215, New Mills Poppy Appeal – £150, Pancreatic Cancer – £320.20, Goyt Valley House – £170, New Mills Food Bank – £92.


7) Web Site Update

There are currently 40,202 users with 102,279 page views. There are 6,250 Followers on Facebook. Northe will finish the policy document and bring it to the next meeting.


8) Action Plan Update

Mike is continuing to work on the Plans’ compilation.


9) Any Other Business

1) Sean reported that he is still searching for funding to provide festoon lighting for the remainder of Union Road. This will cost about £900/ side and he will discuss with Beth.

2) Northe reported on receipt of a historic Carnival donation (from 1982) which was discovered under Alec Millers bed. Unfortunately, it is in old money. She will investigate how to convert it into new currency.

3) Jan talked about ‘Easy giving’ and raised the issue of a web-based fund raising scheme. VNM is currently promoting this scheme via the website. She will also investigate whether VNM can be a part of the Co-operatives’ ‘Charities’ list.


10) Date of Next Meeting


Saturday 28th January at 2.00 at Sean’s.

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