Minutes – 29 January 2018

Minutes of the Meeting of Visit New Mills



  • Present:

Barry Bate, Northe Slack, Sean Whewell


  • Apologies:

Beth Atkins, Jan Smith


  • Minutes of 11/12/2017:

Only Barry was present from the last meeting. It was agreed that he would email the Minutes of 11/12/2017 to Jan and Beth for their approval.


  • Matters Arising (not already on the Agenda)

From 4) – Bike racks/ defibrillators. This work is on-going, and Beth is creating the map.


  • Correspondence:

Sean reported on a recent letter from Bill Weston (Billerettes) thanking us for the donation from the Carnival. VNM has also received thanks from New Mills Festival, the Sycamore pub and New Mills Scouts. Northe reported that she is talking to the Women’s Group about increasing their presence on the web page.


  • Finance Update:

The current bank balance is £2075.71 in credit.

The most recent Quizits have been: Take Part in the Art – £156, New Mill Volunteer Centre – £108, New Mills Scouts – £282, New Mills Juniors – £150, VNM Carnival – £103, Friends of N. M. Arts Theatre – £173.40, One World Festival – £185.

Sean reminded everyone that it will soon be the third anniversary of Quizits starting and he will begin work on a suitable press release for the occasion.


  • Web Site Update:

Sean reported that the Web site currently had 67,794 users and had had 167,907 page views. The Business Directory currently had 90 entries.


  • Licensing

Sean reported on recent discussions with Licensing Department concerning the Christmas Lights Switch On event. He is still awaiting a final response. He wanted to thank all those involved for making the event such a success.


  • Strategic work for VNM

Following discussion, it was agreed to ask Mike to update/ review the original Action Plan.


  • Any Other Business:
  1. a) It was agreed to send a letter to NMTC asking for use of the Rec for the next Carnival.
  2. b) Barry will discuss their promotional needs with the Stallholder on the Outdoor Market.
  3. c) Northe reported on requests she had received from some local artists. She had redirected them to Spring Bank Arts.
  4. d) It was reported that VNM and SBA are proposing to hold a Midsummer Music Festival on June 23rd It will involve local musicians and be based at 11 local venues.


  • Date, time and place of next meeting:

12.00 0n Monday 26th February 2018 at Sean’s.

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