Minutes – 27 June 2016

Minutes of the meeting of Visit New Mills held on 27th June 2016

1) Present:

Barry Bate, Northe Slack, Mike Daniels, Beth Atkins, Sean Whewell

2) Apologies:

Jan Smith

3) Minutes of the meeting of 23/05/2016:

with corrections to 7) Web site update – the final sentence should read ‘Northe reported that she had just uploaded information concerning upcoming events for the Adult Education Centre’ and 9) AOB k) Sixth Form – the final sentence should read ‘VNM is not a political platform but is always happy to distribute factual information’ – were accepted as a true and correct record.

4) Matters Arising:

From 4)4)8) – Mousley Bottom. Beth talked about the need to find a funding stream to support future work. She referred to the ‘wish list’ recently created by HPHVRP. All members will consider possibilities and reply to Beth’s email.

From 4)4)8) – New Mills Juniors. Beth is still awaiting a reply from the football club. She will send a repeat email.

From 9)a) – Carnival. All members agreed that the 2016 Carnival had been a considerable success and wished to thank everyone involved. The attendance was about 6,500 people and there had been two full carriages on the music train.

From 9)c) – Model Railway Exhibition. All members agreed that the Exhibition had been a great success. Dates have been set for next years’ event.

From 9)e) – Youth Centre. VNM has not had confirmation about the future of the Youth Centre. Beth will ascertain the situation and report to members.

Form 9)f) – Community Assets. Following discussion, it was agreed that Barry will write a draft protocol and circulate to members for consideration.

From 9)h) – 20 mph. Beth reported that she had made representation about areas for 20 mph speed limiting. VNM will make available ’20 is plenty’ stickers to any community group that wants them.

From 9)j) – Wayfarers. Mike circulated a suggested letter to High Peak Buses. This was accepted and Mike was asked to send it.

5) Correspondence

Sean reported on a ‘Thank you’ letter from High Peak Brownies. He had received a similar letter from Foodie Friends and Helping Hands Food Bank. Northe reported on a ‘Thank you’ letter from Stockport Ukulele Players.

A ‘Thank you’ letter had been sent from the Carnival Committee to New Mills Town Council Clerk to be circulated to the Council.

6) Finance Update

Sean reported that the bank account was £1582.45 in credit. Recent quizzes had raised: £170 for Creating Spaces, £163 for Foodie Café, £158 for New Mills Food Bank and £125 for Friends of New Mills Stations.

Recent outgoings included: £1493.28 for flags (this included donations from HPBC, NMTC, DCC, OWF, Quizit and personal donations) and £447.52 donation to the Art Theatre resulting from the recent Bella Hardy gig.

7) Web Site Update

Current number of Users – 28,818. Individual views – 75,506. Number of businesses in directory – 71.

8) Action Plan Update

Mike will continue to work on the Plans’ compilation after he returns from holiday.

9) Any Other Business

a) HPHVRP. Following a discussion about the recent Rail Partnership meeting it was agreed that Barry will forward a copy of the Northern PowerPoint presentation to members.

b) Children’s Centre. Beth will check on the current situation with regard to the Children’s’ Centre and circulate members. Following discussion, it was agreed that VNM will be happy to support any local community group that might be impacted by the closure.

c) One World Festival. It was noted that VNM is supporting the 2016 One World Festival by paying £78 for the event’s promotional posters.

10) Date of Next Meeting

Monday 15th August at 2.00pm

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