Minutes – 20 November 2017

Minutes of the Meeting of Visit New Mills


1 Present:

Barry Bate, Jan Smith, Sean Whewell, Beth Atkins

2 Apologies:

Northe Slack

3 Minutes of 16/09/2017:

Were accepted as a true and correct record.

4 Matters Arising (not already on the Agenda)

From 4) – Bike racks/ defibrillators. Sean reported that it was possible to use Google Maps – with an appropriate icon. Barry offered to begin creating images.

From 8) – Licencing. Sean reported that he had met with Jo Barker (HPBC Licencing Department). The Xmas Lights Switch On will be the first event where VNM has had to follow HPBC’s procedure. Stall bookings have reduced by 70% from last year. VNM has attempted to subsidise licencing fees in order to help stallholders but there have been major issues concerning the amount of administration required. It appears as though other towns (e.g. Buxton and Glossop) are not having to do as much administration and the reason for this will be investigated.

From 8) – Aviva Community Fund. Jan reported that VNM had missed the deadline – but this funding opportunity will be considered next year. Beth reported that the Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioners’ Fund currently had lots of funding available and details were available on the website.

From 9) – Union Road festoon lighting. All of the festoon lighting has now been installed and is working.

5 Correspondence:

Sean reported on ‘Thank you’s’ for Quizit events from the Royal British Legion, Pancreatic Cancer Campaign, Kinder Mountain Rescue, Musical Roots, New Mills Festival, MacMillan Nurses and High Peak Community Arts.

6 Finance Update:

The current bank balance is £3318.73 in credit. This currently includes stall money and programme money from the Xmas Lights Switch On.

The most recent Quizits have been: MacMillan Nurses – £138, New Mills Festival – £175, Musical Roots – £142, Festoon lighting – £138, Kinder Mountain Rescue – £105, Pancreatic Cancer Campaign – £255.35, Royal British Legion – £142.50, Xmas Tree lighting – £74.

7 Web Site Update:

Sean reported that the Facebook page currently had 64,448 users and had had 161,254 page views. He demonstrated that there had been a steady upward trend in users and views over the last three years.

The Business Directory currently had 90 entries.

8 Replacement of Mike Daniels:

Following discussion, it was agreed to postpone any decision about replacing Mike Daniels until after the upcoming New Mills Festival.

9 Any Other Business:

a) Discussion took place about asking Mike Daniels to take on a specific piece of work – a strategic examination of the town and it’s tourism/ visitor potential. This would need to include what facilities are existing and needed – such as walks, signage, cafes, etc..

b) Beth reported on a possible project at Newtown School which might provide artwork for the refurbished Newtown Station.

c) Beth reported on recent problems with water run-off from the (Sheffield) railway line onto the Millennium Walkway. She had contacted Network Rail and Northern Rail.

d) Sean reported that VNM was happy to have paid the £585 planning fee to enable the Friends of New Mills Parks Beard Crescent Park project to be completed.

10 Date, time and place of next meeting:

12.00 0n Monday 11th December 2017 at Jan’s.

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