Minutes – 15 August 2016

Minutes of the meeting of Visit New Mills held on 15th August 2016

1) Present:

Barry Bate, Northe Slack, Mike Daniels, Beth Atkins


2) Apologies:

Jan Smith, Sean Whewell


3) Minutes of the meeting of 27/06/2016:

– were accepted as a true and correct record.


4) Matters Arising:

From 4)4)8) – New Mills Juniors. Beth is still awaiting a reply from the football club. She will send a repeat email.

From 4)9)e) – Youth Centre. Beth reported that she will make an FOI in order to examine the deeds of the Centre.

Form 4)9)f) – Community Assets. It was agreed to continue to monitor the discussion that was going on within the Town Council.

From 9)a) – HPHVRP. Barry reported that he had now circulated the Powerpoint presentation to members.

From 9)b) – Childrens’ Centre. Beth reported that the New Mills Centre will definitely be closing. Following discussion on the background to Centres it was agreed that VNM will post all available information about the closure and Beth will talk to Michael.

From 9)f) – Wayfarers. Mike reported that he had written about the Wayfarers.


5) Correspondence

Northe reported that she had received a request from Andrew Walker (HPHVRP) for information. Following discussion it was agreed that VNM will not run a folk train on this years’ Bonfire Night.


6) Finance Update

Sean had sent email updates:

The draft accounts for the 2016 Carnival indicated that the event made a net profit of £267.79. Following all costs being paid £2325.00 was paid to bands and groups taking part in the parade and £500 was paid to New Mills Arts Theatre.

Recent quizzes had raised: £175 for New Mills Veterans Football Club, £102 for New Mills Community Cinema, £156 for Crossroads Derbyshire, £227 for New Mills Oxfam, £106 for New Mills Litter Pickers and £200 for New Mills Art Theatre.

Preparations have now commenced for the November Lights Switch on. The main source of funding will be a ‘Christmas Programme’ and the format will be the same as 2015.


7) Web Site Update

Northe reported on recent issues with changes/ updates to business names on the website.


8) Action Plan Update

Mike is continuing to work on the Plans’ compilation.


9) Any Other Business

a) Sett Valley Trail. Beth reported on the repair work to the Sett Valley Trail. Northe asked about the ‘Photo Competition Notice Board’ and Beth replied that she had asked the U3A if they would undertake it as a project and they have agreed. Mike will also ask Peter Murray to contact Beth.

b) DCC Emergency Planning. Beth informed members of local responsibilities for emergency planning.

c) Boaters. Mike reported concerns from boaters about the lack of visitor moorings in New Mills. He will compose a letter and circulate to members with a view to communicating with Canal and Rivers Trust.

d) Mike reported on a recent certificate from Trip Advisor and it was agreed to display this in the Heritage Centre.


10) Date of Next Meeting

Saturday 1st October at 2.00 at Mike’s.

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