Minutes – 10 August – 2019

Minutes of the Meeting of Visit New Mills


1 Present:

Sean Whewell, Zena Aris-Sutton, Jan Smith, Beth Atkins, Northe Slack

2 Apologies:


3 Minutes of 14/04/2019:

The Minutes of the meeting of 14/04/2019 were accepted as a true and correct record.

4 Matters Arising

The P.A. system (which can be used for a variety of events) has now been purchased includes Bluetooth, it has been used successfully at numerous events and other community organisations have been informed it can be used for a donation.

The ‘Bike Bags’ – 2 bags have been created, with puncture kits, bike pump, spanner etc, and given to the 2 initial locations Sett Valley Café and Pulse Café.

Beth action will contact Isobel concerning the proposed bike racks. After discussion about their placement it was decided to recommend to Isobel that a) a number at the ‘steps’ end of the Prom, b) outside Ryans and c) near to the /Sett Valley café would be appropriate. One has already been placed outside the bike shop “Sett Valley Cycle”

Carnival successful with plenty of participation despite the wet weather.

Youth Festival also successful, but main volunteer may not be available next year.

5 Correspondence:

Premises Licence received for the Xmas Light Switch on, with the exception of stalls will need own alcohol license. Valid ongoing, just need to inform HPBC of dates when events agreed. Also need to apply separately for road closures.

6 Finance Update:

The current bank balance is £338.34 in credit.

Carnival loss -£214.25, this is mainly due to bucket collection being approx. £800 less than other years and that the cost Annual insurance cost of £904 went entirely against the carnival budget

Youth festival Profit £64.74

After approx. 4 years Quizits to date have raised total of £29,040.35

The most recent Quizits have been: £90 – Transition New Mills, £122 – St. Georges parish Hall, £128 – New Mills Tennis Club, £141 – St. Georges PTA, £166 Thornsett Primary PTA, £104 – One World Festival, £171.10 – New Mills Carnival, £225 – New Mills Primary PTA & £322 – Dementia friendly New Mills

7 Social media update:

Sean reported that the website had had 158,892 6 web page views over 3 month period. The Facebook membership was 8382, Twitter membership 1931 and Instagram 1292.

8 Any Other Business:

a) Light Switch On (LSO) – Date confirmed at Saturday 30th November @ 5pm, Looking at string of Festoon Lights for row of shops Ryans to Plant shop

Sean Action – road closure request and inform Town Council of date

b) Small Glories Gig organised at Torrs Vale mill on Friday 6th December Sean Action Print posters/Tickets ASAP ready to promote

Northe discuss poster with Karl

c) Royal British Legion have asked if we are able to fly the Union jack Flags as we did last year – Committee agree

Sean Action – to ask RBL is they have any volunteer that can help put flags out and if they have any RBL flags we can add to mix

d) Minutes need updating on VNM website

Zena/Sean Action – check what are missing and add

e) Barry Bate has resigned from VNM committee due to personal circumstance – we would like to acknowledge and thank Barry for his time, outstanding contribution and hard work in helping make VNM a success.

f) New committee member needed, Jan suggested a younger member to give a more broad perspective

Sean Action – To correspond with school and see if a School council member would like to join or/and the Duke of Edinburgh Volunteer

9 Date, time and place of next meeting:

10am on Saturday 14th September at Jan’s House

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