Minutes – 1 October 2016

Minutes of the meeting of Visit New Mills held on 1st October 2016

1) Present:

Barry Bate, Northe Slack, Mike Daniels, Beth Atkins, Sean Whewell, Jan Smith


2) Apologies:



3) Minutes of the meeting of 15/08/2016:

– were accepted as a true and correct record.


4) Matters Arising:

From 4)4)8) – New Mills Juniors. Beth is still awaiting a reply concerning the Rec and New Mills Juniors.

From 4)9)e) – Youth Centre. Beth has had sight of the deeds and stated that there was no relationship to the current issue. The only restriction on the site is to do with window placement. She has contacted DCC Children’s Services and they have said that the situation will remain as it is for the next year. Beth felt that the need was to get the building used as much as possible. VNM will ask Rebecca Harman to write an item on the Centre that can be published.

Form 4)9)f) – Community Assets. A discussion took place on the number and type of community assets in the town. Barry will bring the issue back to VNM when appropriate.

From 9)a) – Boaters. Mike reported on recent information about mooring issues in the New Mills Marina area. It was agreed that Mike will write to the Canal and Rivers Trust about mooring facilities on the canal.


5) Correspondence

Mike referred to recent correspondence concerning Wayfarers. He will email the recent letter to members.


6) Finance Update

Sean reported that there was £994.80 in the current account. Recent quizzes recipients had been – Rick’s Kick Boxing – £122, Transition New Mills – £162, Dominic’s Cancer Fund – £190, Claris House – £131.06, St Georges’ Village Hall – £206, New Mills Band – £226.70, New Mills Festival – £206. Visit New Mills registered its’ thanks to the group of quiz masters, quiz setters and helpers who make the cycle of quizzes happen.


7) Web Site Update

There are currently 34,796 users with 88,764 page views. The Business Directory has 75 entries. Sean reported that content flow had improved and more people were now putting material onto the website.


8) Action Plan Update

Mike is continuing to work on the Plans’ compilation.


9) Any Other Business

1) The Bat Walk had taken place on 28th September. 80 people had taken part with a good mix of ages. A donation box had taken £31.04.

2) Festival and Art Trail. Mike reported that New Mills Heritage and Information Centre had taken £240 in the daytime, £112 in the evening and £123 on Sunday. The festival Group are asking for as much feedback on the event as possible.

3) HPHVRP. Barry reported on recent developments.

4) The Xmas Lights Switch On will be on 26th November. The format will be the same as last year and organisation is well underway. There will be a specific quiz soon to raise funds for additional street (festoon) lighting on Market Street.

5) The Annual Licence for the Community Cinema was renewed in September. There will be film showings in October and December. The High Peak Film Festival (organised by Sonder – and supported by VNM) will take place in July 2017.


6) A folk music event (The Small Glories) will be held at Torr Vale Mill on November 19th.


7) White Van Man will perform at the Art Theatre on 3rd December to raise money for the Pancreatic Cancer Fund.


8) The closure of the Children’s Centre is scheduled for 9th December.


9) A new member of the British Legion will be organising the Poppy Day appeal in New Mills and Hayfield. A Quizit will be organised in November to support the Poppy Appeal.


10) Hayfield Countryside Office is due for closure. This raises many issues – for Tourist Information, Mountain Rescue and others. VNM will consider whether it can be of any help in these circumstances. Walkers are Welcome will express their concern to DCC.


10) Date of Next Meeting

Saturday 19th November at 2.00 at Sean’s.

(Subsequently altered to Saturday 3rd December at Jan’s)

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