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2023 – Current Officers

Sean Whewell – Treasurer – I’m Sean, a founding member of Visit New Mills and Quizit New Mills. Over the years I have been involved in organising New Mills Carnival, Lights Switch On and the Torrs Youth Festival as well as the many Community projects that VNM deliver – despite now being based in the Spanish Pyrenees I act as VNM Treasurer and events organiser. I miss the hours climbing up and down ladders to put up flags and festoon lights.

Zena Aris-Sutton – Secretary – I’m Zena I’ve been with VNM since 2018, I currently jointly run Facebook, Instagram and VNM website, recently updating over 50 pages in 2022. I help with different parts of the events, New Mills Carnival, Light switch on and Torrs Youth festival, sometimes doing event applications, grants, managing entertainment or judging. I work closely with the team on new and existing projects, with our aim to keep New Mills a great place to live, work and visit. I love photography, walking and cake decorating in my spare time.

John Reed I’m John, I joined VNM in 2020, I help out at events, usually managing the Road closures and I also organise all the Quizit venues and Quizmasters, which raises money for local causes and supports local businesses. Of course like others, I help out with the flags, festoons and setting up of events.  I like walking and sampling the local brewery beer.

David Aris-Sutton – I’m David, I’ve been working with Visit New Mills on events for about 5 years but in 2022 joined the committee. I’m a doer, the guy they turn to if they want a ladder climbing, equipment moving or crowds wrangling. I’m also a bit of a show off, never afraid to stand out in wacky clothes to entertain the crowds or raise my voice to get people’s attention when needed. I support Steve with the community cinema and I help with Quizit too, regularly being a Quizmaster. I’m looking forward to bringing more projects to life that will help make New Mills even better.

Steve Wilson – I’m Steve. I joined Visit New Mills as an officer in 2021, I had already been working with them running the New Mills Community cinema which they founded, and I still do this. I organise the programme for the Xmas lights switch on & New Mills Carnival. I like getting involved in community events and projects when I can. I do a lot of the fetching and carrying at the big events, with flags and festoons.

Edit Zsibrita – I’m Edit and I’ve been living in New Mills since 2021. My love of nature brought me here and my appreciation kept growing as the year went on: the sense of community, the independent businesses, and the familiarity with the locals – an invaluable combination of a healthy, thriving environment. One of the main reasons I joined Visit New Mills is that I found that participating in volunteering activities is one of the most fulfilling ways to help the community: organising events, raising money for good causes, litter picking – they are all great opportunities to make a difference and I feel lucky to be able to make this contribution in this beautiful town.

Past Volunteers

Any community’s backbone is its volunteers, and thanks to their unselfish work, New Mills is a better place. We would like to use this occasion to convey our sincere thanks to all of the prior volunteers who gave their time and effort to support us in achieving our objectives. We have been able to reach out and make a difference in the lives of many people in need because of your constant support.  Your generosity and goodwill towards others have motivated us and made us feel privileged to live in such a compassionate town.

2013 – 2015 Jean Fildes – 2 years
2013 – 2018 Barry Bate – 5 years
2013 – 2018 Mike Daniels – 5 years
2013 – 2020 Northe Slack – 7 years
2013 – 2021 Beth Atkins – 8 years
2016 – 2023 Jan Wootten previously Smith – 7 years
2019 – 2021 Lee Barratt – 2 years
2021 – 2023 Emily Johnstone – 2 years

2023-2023 Iain Moore – 1 year

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