We do like our weather in New Mills, we like extremities of weather, weather that brings us all together – be it sunshine, snow, floods or gales we take it in our stride.

We have hills and high ground that can take a foot of snow leaving great sledging conditions, we have rivers that can rise in the space of minute crashing over weirs and moving everything in their way and in summer we have green hills and pastures bathed in sunshine through the long summer evenings.

Winter – snow for 2 or 3 weeks, lots of crisp mornings around freezing but lots of great sunsets but lets not forget the rain.

Spring – Spring seems to be coming earlier and earlier and milder and milder, often wet and windy but more than made up for by an abundance of new growth, spring lambs and lots of wild flowers in the meadows.

Summer  – you wouldn’t come to New Mills to get a tan but summers are mild, great walking weather and great weather for the many outdoors events

Autumn – A season full of colourful trees, lanes and orchards bursting with fruit, with darkening stormy wet evenings.

Whatever the weather we have plenty of reasons to be outside when the sun shines and plenty of pubs, cafes and venues if you want to be indoors too.

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