Visiting New Mills during the Pandemic

The government has announced a national lockdown to control the spread of Coronavirus.  Visit New Mills ask you not to travel to visit us and follow the government guidance issued on 4th January.

We must all remain at home except for specific reasons.  These are to:

  • Shop for essential items
  • Exercise with members of your household, bubble or one other person.
  • For work, medical assistance or education and childcare where eligible.

You can find full details of the national lockdown here.

You can use our website to plan your visit later in the year or email us so we can help you with queries you have in planning a visit to New Mills.  

The Wording Of Our Website 

Much of our site includes phrases encouraging you to visit, stay and spend time in New Mills.  We do want you to visit – but only when it is safe and responsible to do so. 

We do not want to rewrite our site to be unwelcoming, so until that time please use this site to plan your next visit, when the time is right.

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