Suspended coffees

It’s over 18 months since conversations started about suspended drinks in New Mills and it’s fantastic that this has now started at Pulse Cafe on Union Road.

Pulse Cafe started this new initiative at the beginning of February which is designed to give anyone less well off the chance to have a free coffee, tea or even a hot meal in their cafe.

The concept of ‘Suspended Coffees’ originated in New York, and has proved to be a very popular way for people to provide an act of kindness to strangers in need, whether they are homeless, or simply less fortunate.

Essentially the scheme allows people when entering the cafe to buy a drink or some food which will be ‘Suspended’. This is then written on a Post-it note and put on our board for someone to claim later and enjoy in the the cafe.

It is a fantastic charitable way to reach out to people, and hopefully will soon take off amongst other establishments in the town.

Stop Press – The Torrs are now following suit wth suspended cafes and we will update you as more cafes join this initiative,

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