Planning Application – Arden Quarry – Consultation

The latest planning application for Arden Quarry can be viewed by residents on the Derbyshire County Council web site – its reference no is CM1/1115/117

The new application is for the extraction of stone and then the removal of the stone via local roads. Many of the 100 daily traffic movements involved will be to take stone to the Airport Extension Road, which would be reached via the A6.   This will mean additional traffic travelling through Birch Vale, Lowleighton, Church Road and Albion Road. Some traffic may go towards Glossop or Marple (despite the weight restriction)

The stone will be extracted using equipment including an excavator, a crusher and a screener (to size the stone). There is no blasting proposed, but there will be some noise from the extraction and sorting process.

To find the application details on the Derbyshire County Council web site – Look for the heading   >   Environment,   click on it Then go to the following links on the pages and select them in turn Planning      >>   Planning Applications  >>> Current Applications   >>>> Look for Arden Quarry on the list of applications (The removal of the stone will create a greater cavity for waste disposal use in the future)

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  1. Penelope Hawkes

    Objections to planning application CM/1115/117 for extraction of stone at Arden valley Landfill. 1. Above application would lead to loss of amenity for immediate and surrounding area. Noise from wagons going up Oven Hill – the approach to the site. Noise fromextraction and sorting process. Noise from road cleaner which is already in evidence from present works. Traffic movements of 100 a day would have a direct result on air quality in area – from diesel fumes. Number of traffic movements would have some impact on roads to and from site in terms of wear and tear and increase in volume of traffic on those roads which would have a depressing effect on the area. 2.Environmental issues to do with the structure of the existing quarry and lack of information re. ground water and where this drains to. Extraction next to landfill with this uncertainty in mind seems foolhardy in the very least. 3. Is it possible for the Council to say that there is a need for further quarrying of a disused site when I understand that reserves in Derbyshire are adequate 4. Local residents have experienced years of very unpleasant odours from the landfill site as a result of poor management at the site and therefore one can assume a total disregard by Casey of the effect of their operation at Arden Quarry. There seems to be no guarantee that any new proposition would be handled in a legal and sensitive way.

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