New Youth Provision in New Mills

Here’s the latest news from Youth Matters New Mills CIC:

On Friday 30th April, young people aged 11 – 17 are invited to St. George’s Parish Hall at 7.00pm to discuss what they would like to see happening in the new club sessions. We’ve already been told that ‘Youth Club’ is old fashioned so they can decide what they want to call it too! We have been talking to young people around town who have all come up with different suggestions from Boxing to Nail Art. Not unsurprisingly the first thing everybody said ‘Food!’ So, on the first night, there will be free food and drinks while we discuss what the future holds for our group.

Support from our local community has been immense with people offering to run sessions on a wide variety of subjects. The future of youth provision in New Mills is certainly looking rosier if everyone’s enthusiasm is anything to go by.

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