New Proposal to Improve Accessibility

Pedal Forwards New Mills is a group of residents who believe that active transport (walking, cycling) can make New Mills a better place. The group came into being out of a passion for New Mills, the businesses, the people, the area, and a wish to explore how to better support local businesses and keep the town thriving. They have been looking at the potential to the town of the cycling economy, or two wheel pound, and how improving accessibility of the town centre to people on bicycle or on foot can benefit local people at the same time as local businesses.

In an ever changing landscape for active travel, they’ve been inspired by the government vision for active travel, with the desire to increase activity, to reduce environmental impact, find ways of making journeys without a car.

A key proposals is a shared path from the current end of the Sett Valley Trail at Church Lane through the Torrs, over the Millennium Walkway, through Mousley Bottom and along to Hague Bar. They envisage a path that would enable people on bicycles to enjoy traffic free access into New Mills Town centre (bringing in revenue for the local economy), whilst also creating a route that pram users and those with mobility issues would be able to enjoy. 

The proposal would add to the already existing 2.7 mile long Sett Valley trail an additional traffic free route for recreational walking and cycling of approximately 1.5 miles while also, importantly, connecting the Sett Valley Trail to the New Mills town centre and to the canal towpath. This would very much build on the already existing assets of the area. The shared space route would be easily accessible to people from New Mills East, a priority area for the High Peak’s vision for active lives. Pedal Forwards believes this fits well with the High Peak Borough Council’s document “Towards an Active High Peak”. 

Contact Pedal Forwards for a copy of the proposal or if you have any questions regarding this.

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