New Mills writer launches first Kangies book for young readers.

David Blowers who is originally from Suffolk, has lived in New Mills for more than 20 years. Retired from a career in science, he has recently written a book that is based on a dream that he had as a child whilst staying in a caravan in Buxton (and suffering from mumps!).

A bit about the book – Kangies (written and illustrated by David Blowers)

Kangies centres on Johnnie and Emily (brother and younger sister) who discover that they have small creatures they come to call Kangies living in their bedrooms. Kangies like to borrow and wear their small items of clothing. Their parents do not believe them of course! The book is intended to be a ‘humorous family read’ for younger children and the young at heart – the sort of thing to read a chapter at a time at bedtime. As the story unfolds, more and more is learnt about Kangies and their culture. The next book of Kangie adventures is already being written.

Kangies is currently available as an ebook on Amazon (£3.99 or free if you have KindleUnlimited) and should soon be available as a paperback too (£6.75). Read it, review it and share your knowledge of Kangies!

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