New Mills Fashion Week

Every Evening from 8pm Monday 12 – Friday 16 October

Five free online events exploring the themes of fast fashion and clothes, bookable on Facebook at New Mills Fashion Week or email 

  • Monday kicks off with an illustrated talk – 100 Years of buying clothes.
  • Tuesday there’s How Fashion Feels, an interactive session looking at how fashion influences the way we feel about ourselves and our bodies.
  • Wednesday it gets practical with Can we fix it? We sew can – demonstrations of basic mending skills and discussion about what we do when clothes are past their best.
  • Thursday is a joint event with Café Transition (Transition New Mills) on The Real cost of clothes – cheap labour and environmental impact.  Who makes our clothes, under what conditions? How do clothes impact the environment –  resources consumed, carbon footprint, disposal?
  • Finally, Friday, there’s an Alternative Slow Fashion Show, photos and videos of makeovers, charity shop finds, much-loved treasures and hand-me-downs. 

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