New Mills Annual Parish meeting – 30 April at 7:30pm

New Mills Town Hall by Paul Gent

This years annual parish meeting take place in New Mills Town Hall at 7:30pm on Monday 30 April

Everyone is welcome to attend and it is an ideal opportunity for community groups to report on their previous year and for electors to raise and discuss any issues – the full agenda is listed below







The ANNUAL PARISH MEETING for the Parish of New Mills will be held on Monday 30th April 2018 at 7.30pm in the Public Hall, New Mills Town Hall and is convened in accordance with Schedule 12 of the Local Government Act 1972.


1. If present the Chair of the Parish Council will initially preside over the meeting.
a – The Annual Parish Meeting will vote to accept the Parish Council’s appointment or an alternative person present at the meeting may be nominated and voted for to take the chair. (All present at the Annual Parish Meeting must be advised that they may do this).
b – Only Local Electorates are qualified to vote.
2. To appoint a minute taker.
3. To confirm the Minutes of the Annual Parish meeting held on Monday 15th May 2017 are a true and accurate record of that meeting.
4. Details of Income and Expenditure for New Mills Town Council 2017/2018 and New Mills Town Council Precept report 2018/2019.
5. Report on Members attendances at New Mills Town Council meetings 2017/2018.
6. Reports from any representatives of Community Groups or from representatives from Council on outside bodies within New Mills Parish.
7. Reports from Local Charity and their Trustees within New Mills Parish.
8. Reports from Derbyshire County Council relevant to the Parish of New Mills.
9. Reports from Borough Council relevant to the Parish of New Mills.
10. To consider any other New Mills Parish matters that may be brought forward by New Mills Town Council or Local Government electors. (N.B. The public are entitled to be present but such persons only who are registered as Local Government Electors for New Mills will be allowed to vote at the meeting)

Dated this day 9th April 2018
Chair of the Council

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