New Mills – Adult Community Education Centre

The building on Spring Bank has been established as a school or educational establishment for over a hundred years. It had two entrances one sternly labelled for ‘boys’ and the other ‘girls’
Education to a standard higher than elementary took place at a Mechanics Institute on Market Street, Moved up to part of the buildings now our Town Hall and then mmoved to the Adult Education Centre we know today.

There was a ‘Grammar’ School in New Mills so the children who did not qualify for the Grammar School or whose parents could not afford to send them – were educated here at Springbank, certainly this was true in the 1950’s and 1960s before they introduced the ‘Comprehensive Education System.’ The building became the ‘Lower School’ for the new combined Comprehensive School and the Grammar School site became the senior school. It’s library area and surrounding classrooms are the original Grammar School buildings – it has lost the Cricket Field and Tennis Courts that enhanced it; they vanished under labs, halls and other buildings.

The Lower School moved across to the main site and the Adults took over Spring Bank. For many years there had been evening classes for a wide range of subjects sewing, exercise classes, typing and shorthand, languages etc., on both sites, it was decided to move the Adult classes to Spring Bank and run day time groups as well. Computer suites and classrooms, open areas and work rooms are used for various purposes.
Over the last ten years part of the building has been developed to become the local Children’s Centre and the Multi Agency Team also work from it.

The Children’s Centre has facilities for group activities and play, active and messy play too at times and a sensory room that is particularly useful for working with children with disabilities, but fun for any child. The midwives use it for a baby clinic and there is a meetings/ interview room and office area for the staff.
Parking at the rear of the building and on Spring bank

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