Major facelift for Archie

If you have been down in the Torrs Riverside Park since 2008, you will have noticed Archie, sitting by the weir as the river Sett joins the Goyt. Archie is a reverse Archimedean screw hydro electric scheme owned and maintained by a local cooperative society called Torrs Hydro.

In December 2020, Torrs Hydro embarked on an ambitious project of refurbishment and renewal of the plant with the aim of dramatically increasing the time it can run and therefore generate more electricity. Archie is now a Variable Speed Reverse Archimedes Screw. New variable speed operation will allow generation of green electricity from the weir at both higher and lower water levels than were previously possible.

To help pay for the improvements, Torrs Hydro have launched a new share offer. The share offer aims to raise £25,000 with the added advantage of increasing the society’s membership. The good news is that they are almost half way there already. If you are interested in buying shares, the share documents are on the front page of the website or can be requested by emailing

The offer closes on 31st January 2021.

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