Lockdown Bubble Bliss

Finding ourselves on furlough and with lots of time to spare we tried to come up with a way of doing something for the community.

We would usually help out blowing bubbles at the duck race but the lockdown meant that that was cancelled so we hit upon the idea of the bubble walk, we’d use our daily exercise and the equipment we had for our usual bubbling to visit streets throughout New Mills treating kids (and grown-ups) to their own personal bubble performances.

Styling ourselves as Mrs and Mr Bubbleologist, and supplied with juice from New Mills’ original Big Bubble man, we would let people know which streets we intended to visit on this Facebook event and then would proceed to provide a bubble show right outside their gardens, keeping to the governments suggested 2 metres distance we could bring joy without putting anyone at risk.

We have been now been doing this for 7 weeks, used more than 200 litres of bubble juice, covered 57 Streets in New Mills and 15 in Hayfield, as well as Goyt Valley House and Tarry Hill Care Home.
We believe that we have made a difference, we have certainly had smiles, laughs, giggles and screams of awe, because of this people wanted to donate so we decided to help Kinder Mountain Rescue Team as they risk their lives getting to difficult places and now because of the lock-down their common ways of fundraising have gone.

So far we have raised £280, you can donate, even if it’s just a £1 at https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/zena-arissutton.

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