High Peak Cider Has a Plan!

High Peak Cider, based at Furness Vale Business Centre, is a small project that collect apples and pears from the High Peak and the surrounding area, to produce juice and cider. Here’s what they have to say:

“Our plan” is to build hyper-local, regenerative food and drink projects that use local resources, engage with the community, and look to educate & inspire others. In the Autumn, we invite growers of apples and pears within the High Peak or up to 15km from our base in Furness Vale to donate their excess fruit in return for apple juice or cider. The balance is sold locally to shops, cafes, delicatessens, and pubs.

We are passionate about trying to reduce waste where we can. The cider and juice projects were initially set up to reduce waste, where the excess fruit that we are currently receive would have otherwise been left to rot or put into green recycling bins. Once we have pressed the apples, the resultant apple pomace is used by local farmers for animal feed. Bottle deposit return programmes have also been set up with some of the local stores that we sell to, such as Millers Refillers, in New Mills. We are not perfect, but we are striving to create closed loop systems.

We carry out educational apple pressing sessions at Primary Schools within the High Peak and offer juicing services to community organisations and community orchards.

High Peak Cider is just one of the projects that High Peak Industries Ltd. runs. We keep bees and have a couple of apiary sites that help with pollination services in the local area, with the honey being sold locally. All being well, we are looking to launch further regenerative food projects later in the year.

If you have apples or pears and wish to donate this Autumn, please drop me an email at info@highpeakcider.com for further information.

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