Funderwear charity event

The Event is on 18th Sept at The Thread Mill in Hayfield , they are raising money for Jos Trust cervical cancer charity by making knickers and boxer shorts 

Their aim is to get as many sewing companies and clubs involved to help raise as much as possible .They can join us at The Thread mill ,hold the event themselves ,sew at home or simply just donate to our just giving page FUNDERWEAR. We also have a book sale ,cake sale and raffle .

We are also looking for donations from businesses for the raffle and prize draw , donations of t-shirts and men’s shirts to make the knickers and boxer shorts from as we prefer to recycle

People can find more info on how to get involved at or ringing The Thread mill in Hayfield on 07807 659676We really appreciate you helping us .This will raise the profile of the event enormously .Best wishes Julie @The Thread Mill Hayfield

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