Free children’s cinema in New Mills

Those dreaded word “I’m bored, there’s nothing to do”, well now there is with New Mills community cinema, especially for children in the school holidays.

On Thursday during the holidays at St. George’s parish hall, children’s films will air, to find out the film ahead of time , this will also keep you up to date with future features.

Past films aired; Home, Big Hero 6, Shaun the Sheep, Postman Pat the movie and Home alone which were both suggested and en

Entry is FREE so it’s cinema for all enjoyed by the attendees young and old, although donation are most welcome to cover cost, as it’s run by volunteers.

So why not get together with other parents and take the kids along to enjoy a movie with their friends. A chance of some respite of the “I’m Bored” from the kids and some grown up conversation with the other parents. There are refreshments available at the start and during the interval, tea, coffee, juices and sweets galore.

A clue for the next film, it’s a great movie but try not to get too “emotional”, it might make you sad, angry, disgusted, fearful but mostly happy.

For more information or to ask any questions, go to the face book page above or if you prefer to Tweet on Twitter @newmillsfilm

Next two dates for the cinema at St. George’s parish hall, Church Lane, New Mills, SK22 4NP is 27th October and 22nd December, hope to see you there.

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