Residential Streets Speed Limit Consultation

Derbyshire County Council’s ‘Places’ Improvement and Scrutiny Committee is reviewing the use of 20mph speed limits in Derbyshire, following approaches from a number of communities who have expressed an interest in 20mph speed limits in some residential areas. Read more about it here on  Derbyshire County Council’s website.

This is an opportunity to have your say about road safety where you live. To better gauge community opinion about this issue a short questionnaire has been prepared – see the the consultation page on the Council’s website for more information. Residential Streets 20mph Survey.

Please note that the issue being explored in the questionnaire only relates to residential streets that are not part of a major through-route and the schemes under consideration are signed-only schemes that do not have speed humps. Residents will be consulted before any changes are made and local circumstances will be taken into account.

Complete the survey online or telephone on 01629 533190. Email

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