Community Pantry coming soon to New Mills

Opening soon – ‘New Mills Community Pantry’ which will be based inside the Indoor Market Hall in the centre of New Mills and run by The New Mills Youth and Community Project.
No strict criteria, no referrals etc – the Community Pantry will be open to ALL residents.
This project is being delivered to provide residents with an accessible and affordable option as well as being an environmentally friendly incentive.
£5.00 per year membership.
Then only £2.50 per visit and you take home any items you want*
*Please only take what you need until your next visit – please don’t stockpile so we can ensure there is enough for everybody.
If anyone would like to support the new Community Pantry then please donate any items via the new donation points situated inside the Indoor Market Hall where the Community Pantry will be.
They would be grateful for food items such as:
-Tins (meals, vegetables, soups, beans etc)
-Jars (sauces, baby foods, jams etc)
-Sugar / Sweetener
-Cooking oils
-Condiments (table sauces, salt, vinegar etc)
-Crisps / Biscuits / Snacks
And non-food items such as:
-Shampoo / Conditioner
-Shower Gel / Soaps
-Antiperspirant / Deodorants
-Toothpaste / Mouthwash
-Shaving foam / Shaving gel
-Hairspray / Mousse
-Hair gel / Styling wax
-Sanitary products
-Nappies & Baby wipes
-Toilet paper
-Washing up liquid / washing powder etc

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