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With pubs in New Mills reopening and being refurbished it’s no surprise to hear of a brewery opening up in town.

Torrside Brewing is being set up by a team of three experienced local homebrewers. Chris Clough, Peter Sidwell and Nick Wright who have all been homebrewing for years, even picking up an award or two along the way.

They are now looking to scale things up and share their brewing obsession with quality beer with New Mills and beyond.

The brewery’s focus will be on variety. Beer is an amazingly varied drink, with flavours that are created by a huge number of factors  – from the mix of different malts and hops, and which yeasts we use for fermentation, to fine details of the brewing process such as timings, temperatures, and maturation.
Torrside will be brewing across a wide range, from real ales and world beer styles, to historical recipes and a few more unconventional beers.
Their guiding principle, and a very good principle it is too, is that whatever they produce, whatever style or strength, it should always be a pleasure to drink – we raise a glass to that!

Officially established in 2014, the Torrside team are currently going through the planning process, installation and set-up, kit

The Torrside team are hoping to start producing beer over the summer, so keep an eye on their website , Facebook and Twitter for updates

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