Sett Valley Trail – Sink Hole – Closure Continues

An Emergency Closure Notice from 8th to 28th April has been issued for the Bridleway and Footpath. The Temporary Emergency Closure Continues for Parts of Bridleway 181 (Sett Valley Trail) and Parts of Footpath 119.
The Sett Valley Trail is closed between the junction with Footpaths nos. 119 and 121 and Footpath 119 from its junction with the bridleway (Sett Valley Trail) and Hayfield Road.

The sudden appearance of a sink hole in the Trail has led to its closure until such time as investigation and remedial work can take place.

The extent of the sink hole is as yet unknown and the possibility of the cavity extending below the surface means that the area is close for residents’ safety. Please respect this closure. There are concerns that if there is more heavy rainfall the hole will continue to extend.

Alternative routes for – walkers via footpaths 121 and 119, and vice versa
Cyclists – bridleway 122 – Hayfield Road – Bridleway 116 – Derby Road – High Hill Road – and vice versa  This route includes Hayfield Road which is a through road between New Mills and Hayfield and carries heavy traffic.

Latest news (August)  is that the repair work has begun and funds are available to do some resurfacing as well.


Author: VNM

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  1. I rode the diversion with a friend today, and was appalled that anyone could think this was a reasonable route for horses. The main road was very busy – even on a Sunday – and my horse was terrified. We gave up, rejoined the trail via the footpath near the former Vine pub, and then got round the sink hole via an industrial estate which led to Birch Vale. I think you should put a warning on this webpage that the diversion is only possible for people with extremely calm horses.

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