New Mills Isolation Book Club

New Mills Isolation Book Club has been set up to help People of New Mills (and the rest of the world!) share the books that they are reading through isolation.

Members are encouraged to describe books, post extracts and pictures, read out loud on video format to adults and children. Please join and share your reading and help us get through this difficult time of isolation.

You can order books online from High Street Books and Records who you will usually find on the High Street in New Mills.

Author: VNM

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  1. How do I join? I come from the “rest of the world” (i.e. recently Marple and before that Nottingham)
    I am acquainted with one of your group, Paul Gent.

    Looking at the bookshelf to have posted, I guess you might be of a similar generation to myself or a bit younger… Tom’s Midnight Garden was published in my childhood, for example, and I had a similar edition of What Katy Did. ?????

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    • Hi Maria – it is a group on facebook and you will find many like minded readers on it – let us know if you cant find it

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  2. Apologies for typos above – the format is not quite as key-responsive as I expected, and I have arthritic fingers….

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