Unmade in England

Amanda Whewell BA(Hons) Creative Practice – Embroidery.

Working with pre-used textiles I produce thought-provoking art of my own and also within group projects. I investigate through deconstruction and reconstruction and record and analyse the process. The familiarity of the materials makes the work accessible and evocative whilst the demolition process hints at the uncanny. Inspiration for my work can often come from secrets that are hidden within the fabrics. I like to make and remake to produce evolving artwork.

My work explores issues concerning environmental, economic and social sustainability and often refers to memories contained within or triggered by the fabrics. I use traditional skills with a contemporary approach.

My studio is at New Mills School Business and Enterprise College where I am artist in residence. I am also resident artist at Godley Community Primary School in Tameside. I create and deliver workshops for primary and secondary schools working with both children and staff. The emphasis is on enjoying creativity and boosting confidence whilst crossing into other areas of the curriculum for inspiration. I also work on community arts projects.

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Embroidery services and suppliers of school uniform.

We offer Embroidery services for Individual’s, Schools, Businesses etc. from as little as £3.00.
We supply school uniform for many schools in and around the High Peak, & supply uniform for Brownies, Guides, Beavers & Cubs.
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Hand Crafted Textiles. Ranging from Pot Holders, Tea Cosies, to Cushions and Quilted Bags.

Hello there, thanks for dropping by. A New Mills girl born and bred, Alison to you. I strive to run up crafts using fabulous fabrics. Both my Gran and Mother were machinists and I have picked up the bug from over their loving shoulders. Watching as they often made clothes for us kids when times were hard and Stockport was a trip you made twice a year!

I have a distinct love of our little town and therefore like to make products associated with days gone by. Although some may call this Vintage, I’d rather refer to them as Heritage.

Pinnies worn everyday for cleaning or cooking, pot holders for pans full to the brim of boiling taters. Table cloths for Sunday tea, and cushions to be plumped up for sinking into at the end of your work horse day. Tea cosies to show off to Aunty when the fine China comes out and pot towels as they are known round ‘ere for when the dishes are washed.

Shopping bags for carting home the bread and onions, and if your lucky a smart quilted bag for a trip to the seaside, and gay coloured bunting for Wakes Week! Pump bags for your urchins and book bags for school or swimming.

All these items come from my memories and I will soon be adding baby quilts and pram quilts so you can add to yours.
I only use quality fabrics and much care and attention to detail goes into my work.
My bits are born from memories, hopes and aspirations. All the things that take you from a child to an adult.

I will post some pictures past and present.